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Subetian Adults

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For the adult users of Subeta.

Welcome to Subetian_Adults, the LJ community to compliment the irc chat. You don't have to use the irc chat to join us.

The Rules
1. Play nice. Remember what Thumper said: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. If someone asks for your opinion don't be mean, use constructive critisism. See where I'm going with this?

2. Do not ask for or give out answers to the Trivia or to Bones. You will be banned on the first offense. I'm not kidding.

3. Be on topic. All posts should have something to do with Subeta.

4. Large images or 3 or more should be under an LJ-cut. Check out LJ's FAQ if you don't know how.

5. Do not delete posts or screen or delete comments. As of right now the only exception would be if you posted to this community by mistake.

6. Spam = auto ban. Kthx.

7. Do not post a bajillion times in a row. If your posts are close together edit your previous one.

Break any of the rules and we'll sic Kathy on you. Trust me, you don't want that!

Contact Us
paperprincess - paperprincess@livejournal.com or on AIM: paperprincessNA
dreaminginred16 - hurricanepentu@gmail.com or on AIM: Youkai Alanna
lailarenna -

None yet, contact paperprincess if you'd like to become one.

Links to come!

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